Taking notes can be very time consuming, I am here to let you know about different ways to take notes to make your life a little easier when going to College or when you are in a work field that requires a lot of note taking.

  1. Read over what you are taking notes of
  • Choose the main ideas
  • Paraphrase by using short forms words and/or by using symbols 68
  1. Know what to makes notes of
  • Identify major topics of each paragraph along with supporting details
  • Look out for bolded words or italics
  1. Be selective
  • Remember the goal is to shorten what you are writing by not using unnecessary words and/or topics
  1. Use your own words1
  • Information should be read and paraphrased before writing
  • Understand the passage and write the main ideas in you
    r own words
  1. Work quickly
  • Read
  • Think
  • Writ
  • And move on
  1. Use appropriate organization
  • Select method to gather the main points
  • They say the Cornell Method is the best way

Depending on your strength, knowing what kind of learning method you want to use will be your greatest advantage. There are different techniques that you can use to make you successful whether you are a visual learner, auditory learner or a kinesthetic learner. I have included alink to do a free online quiz to find out which learning style you have. http://www.howtolearn.com/learning-styles-quiz/

Statistically speaking, students are most successful when they hand write their notes. Your comprehension of materials are greater than those who type their notes on the computer.

I have included a link on the research of students typing out vs. handing writing them.


I am also including websites that may provide valuable information to make you become a more successful note taker. http://www.dartmouth.edu/~acskills/success/notes.html.

The most important thing I have learned about taking notes is to make sure you are prepared. Preparation is the most important park of taking notes.

I have found that the outlining method is very useful. When you are using this method, you put the basic information on the left hand side of your paper and when you receive more information that is 2detailed you put it on the right hand side. This method is very useful in many different kinds of lectures, when your professor is giving a PowerPoint lecture or any other type of lecture where the information is being presented to you in a point form format or a sentence format. The outlining method is probably your best bet at having organized notes, writing the information that is most important to you and having your notes in an easy to read format when you are studying for a test or an exam. It’s also very useful to number the information on both sides of your page on how important the information is.

Some things that are not so great about taking notes is that depending on how fast lecture goes, your writing can be a bit messy.  If you have to review your notes and you can’t understand your own notes how would you be able to study for an exam or test?  Taking notes can also be very distracting when your teaching is talking and it doesn’t allow you to pay full attention.  If you make a mistake or if your pen dies, your attention is no longer on your lecture but has switched. These are the advantages and disadvantages of paper vs. device:

  Paper Device
  • Easy to use
  • Organize your way
  • Remember more
  • More popular
  • Free app on your phone
  • always have your phone on you
  • Save trees
  • Easy to send/ receive notes
  • Remembering to carry your notebook
  • Writing notes by hand
  • Lose or rip pages
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Takes time to install/learn how to use
  • System crashing
  • Challenging to edit

Example of the Charting Method


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